by Eugenie Shinkle


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Chateau Récit is a new series of quarterly visual essays foregrounding non-linear photo-text narratives, featuring artists, writers, designers and architects.

The parabola is the shape of a path traversed by a projectile moving under its own momentum in the absence of air resistance. At the top of a parabolic trajectory, the projectile is momentarily weightless as the forces of gravity are counterbalanced by the forces of acceleration. In architecture, the parabola is the most structurally and mathematically coherent form of an arch, the slope at each point matching exactly the combined horizontal and vertical forces acting upon it.

Chateau Recit No.2: Parabolic features new configurations of images and texts by artist and writer Eugenie Shinkle. It reflects on the way that this simple form unites symbol and structure, science and religion, the forces that propel us heavenward and those that ground us on the earth.